Complicated Payroll Management? ERP Software is the Solution

Payroll management is often a special concern of companies because it requires accurate, detailed, and crucial data collection. Because it affects employee payroll and benefits, payroll management must be done quickly and precisely. On the other hand, ERP software is a tool that simplifies the work operations of a company. System integration and automation make complicated management easy, including payroll. Here are the reasons why ERP software is the solution.

Automatic salary, income tax, and BPJS calculations

The benefit of ERP for payroll is the ease of managing employee salary components. By using ERP software, you can automatically adjust the salaries of every employee in the company. You will then be asked to fill in employee data in the system. Later, income results can be adjusted to the applicable wage deduction rules.

Apart from automatically calculating salaries, tax and BPJS calculations are also calculated simultaneously. After determining the total salary, the system automatically calculates tax, insurance and BPJS health/employment deductions. All deductions are applied directly to gross pay and automatically credited to the employee’s account.

Easy Permit Application

With an ERP payroll system, requests for permits, leave, or shift changes can be made easily online. So, employees don’t need to ask for approval via a printed form or meet directly with HRD while waiting for permission to be approved by another superior. This also affects the salary that employees get.

Applying for permits in the ERP system is more effective in the digital era than now. As you know, many workers are also tech-savvy and like practical and automated things.

Easy Access and All Online

This feature is not only felt by employees but also by company owners. By using ERP, every employee can check the important data they need. Employees can check salary slips, permits/leave allowances, etc. Company owners can also observe employee performance through employee attendance.

Employee reviews can also be easily obtained because of online data access anywhere. This easy access will also be easier for HRD because they just have to look at the system.

Organized and Paperless Files

HRD files are no longer scattered and difficult to find when needed. If all this time storage is done manually, the risk of file damage and loss will be higher. Employee personal documents, such as photocopies of files, pay slips, certificates, etc., are stored on a cloud server safely.

Documents have also been organized with names and folders according to categories. Apart from that, all documents no longer need paper because they use the upload method. Paperless has become a concern as a form of protecting the environment.

There is an HR Management Notification

The ERP dashboard has a notification section containing notifications about various aspects of HR management. These notifications include reminders from the office such as announcements of new regulations, excess/shortfalls in nominal salaries, and other HR-related issues. From the company’s perspective, HRD will receive notifications regarding expiring employee contracts, the age of employees who will retire, applications for leave/permits, and other employee needs.

Easy and Practical Data Recap

Data recapitulation is a tiring job. HRD must recapitulate data on tens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees over a certain period. If you use an ERP system, the data recap has been recorded and you can access it. All attendance data is automatically recorded, and you can export it into an Excel file.

Choose an ERP with Complete Features

Because the ERP system is the main payroll management solution, you can’t just choose a vendor. You can get the solutions above from Folarium, an ERP system with a user-friendly appearance, complete features, and the ability to be customized according to your needs. Even though you need sufficient budgeting at the start, you will get high productivity and can save on HR management costs in the future.

ERP software can be the best solution for managing your company’s payroll. Apart from making things easier for HR, ERP also makes things easier for all company users. Of course, neat and organized management will increase your company’s and business’s productivity.