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Make 20 Dollars An Hour Jobs – Many activities are done digitally. Not only doing communication activities or just looking for information. Now surfing the internet can also be done while working and making money. There are so many paid online jobs nowadays.

Although working online only seems like it is from home, the reality is that many online jobs are highly paid. You can work online for a salary per day or even per hour. Not only that, some online jobs are paid with dollars.

How? Surely many of you are starting to be interested in working online at this pay. If you still don’t know the right job for you. Here are recommendations for paid online job vacancies.

Let’s see what work at home is paid.

List of Online Jobs Paid by 20 Dollars An Hour

Running a job on the internet can now be done by anyone regardless of age. Of course, this paid online work is also very profitable, especially for those of you who still have no experience in working.

Because some jobs do not look at your experience in a field, this job can also be an online job for students. But even so it would be better if you already at least understand the jobdesk of your work area and you are interested in it.

Here are the hourly paid jobs and how to get started. Don’t miss it!

1. Copywriter

Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and appeals to get someone to take an action such as buying, clicking a link, donating, and more.

It can be said that the main task of a copywriter is to create promotional writing for a company/product in the media.

If you are a copywriter, you must invite potential customers to buy the product you are advertising.

But copywriting here is not just advertising, it must also be packaged as if it can provide a solution to the problems of your potential customers with the products you advertise.

Reporting from TopKarir, this job has high opportunities along with the increase in online business people. In Indonesia itself, the pay for being a copywriter is around 30 dollars an hour for freelance? Not bad, right? But this depends on the minimum wage in your area.

If you want to become a copywriter, you can learn on the Copyhackers site for free with tutors from abroad. In addition, you can also apply to become a freelance copywriter. So you can learn by doing, right?

2. Become a Google Adsense Publisher

Maybe Google Adsense is still not familiar to your ears. Google Adsense is an advertising service from Google, usually used by publishers to display text, images or videos in the form of advertisements targeted at sites or blogs.

This is very profitable if one of the visitors clicks on the advert. Then you will get a profit. This site also works online without capital. So it will be very profitable as a paid-per-click online work.

The pay from Google Adsense is a minimum of $0.03 per click. However, this price is not fixed depending on the length of the text, image, or video. Try to imagine if each of these daily paid jobs has a minimum of 100 people clicking. Not bad, right? For more details, please click on the money market.

However, to start opportunities here you must have your own website and Google is very selective in choosing its publishers. For that, make sure you create interesting content in doing this Google-paid online work.

you can visit the official Google Adsense website and follow the rules to register.

3. Data Call Centre/Data Entry

20 Dollars An Hour Jobs social media

Do you like a full-time job but want to work online from home? This job is suitable for those of you who want to work online from home. Especially for those of you who like working online in data input.

In this job you only need to input company data in a neat and structured manner which is available using software such as Microsoft Excel. This job also requires high accuracy skills.

The pay for data entry itself starts from $8 to $14 per hour. This is a fantastic amount if calculated per hour.

If you are interested in becoming a Data Entry person, you can visit snagajob and flexjobs. But first you have to be able to master general administration skills.

4. Online Survey Filler

This job is probably the most suitable for all people and does not require special skills. Because this paid online work you only fill out surveys online. Easy isn’t it?

When you fill out online surveys you will get points. But you have to fill out every survey there is. Try not to miss a single survey because it will affect your credibility.

This online survey work is also paid in India Rupees. The minimum pay is around $25, but to make a withdrawal you must have Paypal first.

You can visit the YouGov website. You just need to register your personal data and provide your email and then start this online daily work.

5. Reseller

If you are interested in having an online business but do not want the hassle of producing your own goods/packaging products. Becoming a reseller is the right article.

You only need to make a purchase with one of the distributors at a cheaper price. Then you sell your own products at a higher price.

Being a reseller is also the right choice because according to a survey from UCWeb explained that 76.4% of Indonesians often do online shopping. Approximately the profit earned is around 20 dollars an hour.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a reseller, you can join Evermos. Evermos is the best reseller and dropshipper platform. Evermos is also connected to the best brands and MSMEs in the USA. In addition, the quality of the products is also very good and also halal.

You also don’t need to bother looking for suppliers. Here many products are ready to sell with a 30% profit on each product. You also don’t need to bother packing because Evermos is ready to pack and send directly to consumers.

And most importantly, you can do it even without capital. For that, come on, join Evermos now and get other benefits here!

6. Paid Online Work as a Photo/Video Editor

Having a hobby will feel good if it’s paid too, right? 2023 online job vacancies such as photo/video editing are in high demand.

Because now many people like to capture moments with family, friends, or our loved ones.

Events that always require photos or videos such as weddings, engagements, school events, birthdays, graduations, and others.

But so that the results are more beautiful you must be able to do the editing process. such as using certain applications such as Photoshop, lightroom or Adobe video editing.

For those of you who already have this skill, don’t miss the opportunity to get paid online work applications.

7. Online Work Paid Freelance Writer

Online Work Paid Freelance Writer

Many people realise how important it is to create a website to be used for various things, Online job vacancies as a writer are also sought after to fill the vacancies on the website.

You can become a freelance writer who is paid per article or per project. Of course, if you are an expert you will be paid handsomely for just one article.

This job will have more and more vacancies as many people create websites.

8. Website Development Services

One of the 2023 online job vacancies that will never die is website development services.

Because making a website is not only for trading, but all administration will be more efficient if you use a website.

The payment for one website is very fantastic, ranging from 5 dollars to 50 dollars depending on the level of complexity.

9. Virtual Assistance

Want to know online job vacancies that have minimal risk and no capital? One of them is virtual assistant services.

This job requires you to serve clients via the Internet to manage the client’s super busy schedule.

After that you will be paid directly through a bank ATM account.

10. Private Teacher

Who would have thought that private tutoring could be an hourly paid online job? You can teach whatever your skills are, be it for school children or people who need certain skills.

The pay is no joke and you can determine whether you want per hour or per meeting.

You don’t even need to leave the house and don’t need to spend money. quite simple but still profitable.

Online Jobs from Home 2024

11. Social Media Specialist

20 Dollars An Hour Jobs social media

Nowadays, many people are more active on social media. Both for personal and work purposes in personal branding matters. Actually, this job is more focused on making plans, strategies and content on social media. So that social media users are interested so that they can achieve communication goals between the two.

So that this can increase sales, build engagement, and increase brand awareness. The pay for this job is relatively large, ranging from 20 to 70 dollars depending on the company.

12. Proofreader

Have you ever heard of the job of a proofreader? This job is not as well known as an editor.

However it turns out that proofreaders play an important role in editing manuscripts.

According to Wikipedia, proofreading is a job that focuses on editing and typing.

His job is to ensure that each writing has no grammatical errors and remains consistent with the language style used.

The wages earned in this job range from 20 dollars to 65 dollars

13. Sales Representative Online

This job is almost the same as sales in general which sell directly to consumers.

However, the sales representative is slightly different because the direct target is targeting a larger class such as factories, companies, or industries.

Therefore, this job must be based on persuasive communication and negotiation skills.

14. Online Surveys Paid in Dollars

Furthermore, online survey work can also be an option. you just need to take the time to fill out some online surveys.

The pay is also not playing lo!

15. Business Consultant

As the name implies, being a consultant is a job where you work as an expert in a particular field to provide solutions to a problem.

Lately, many people have switched from their jobs to build a business.

Surely in working on a business, there are things that cannot be handled alone by business people so they need the services of a business consultant.

Therefore, this online job is also enough to pay you a salary of up to two digits.

16. Scriptwriter

Online Work Paid Freelance blogging

Are you an imaginative person who enjoys crafting stories into compelling works?

You can certainly try an online job as a scriptwriter.

You can create an interesting and selling film script, drama, story, short story to be published to a publisher or become a film.

The salary offered is no joke, up to hundreds of millions of rupiah if the work succeeds.

17. Proofreader

A proofreader is a job where you need diligence, and thoroughness to proofread a script or document.

There will be many documents that are asked to be corrected in spelling, punctuation, and so on.

The salary of a proofreader per 1000 words will be valued at 25 dollars.

You can imagine if you take a lot of documents to do proofreading.

18. Online English Tutor

Nowadays, English has become a daily necessity, so many people are looking for online English tutoring services as a paid job per day.

By teaching online, you will also have the flexibility to organize your time for both study and work.

The rate paid by each session can range up to 20 Dollars an Hour. It’s completely dependent on the competence provided.

19. Animator

According to technology development, visual design is now in great demand by the public.

So many investors want to develop an animation so that it can become a valuable and selling work.

You can try the following online jobs for those of you who have the skills to create animations.

Besides the high pay, you can also collect the following portfolio.

20. Web Developer

For those of you who have learned about Informatics Engineering, creating a website can be a fun option to earn money.

Nowadays, many business people, companies, and personalities want to create a website.

You can work on compiling and building websites to develop a website according to the company’s goals.

The salary offered is also quite large, up to two digits depending on the company and competence.

Thus the article on the following discussion is hopefully useful. Don’t forget to share this article with those closest to you to make it even more useful. Stay tuned and don’t miss other useful articles on Evermos.

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