ERP Vs MRP: Definition, Differences, and How Important for Companies


In business operations, especially in the manufacturing industry, there are two systems commonly used by companies for daily business management. The two systems are Material Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). So, what are the definitions of MRP and ERP, the differences between them, and how important is the implementation of these two … Read more

Differences and Advantages of Cloud and On Premise ERP Software

On Premise ERP Software

Before implementing ERP software in the company, it would be nice to know the differences and advantages of these two types of ERP first. If you are looking to automate your company’s workflow, then you will probably come across the term enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. ERP is an automated solution that connects all departments … Read more

7 Tips for Successful ERP Software Implementation for Your Company

ERP Software Implementation

Check out the following ERP Software Implementation Tips to get the maximum benefits from this enterprise software. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software integrates many functions across a business, such as financial management, human resources, sales, and manufacturing, to provide benefits such as increased productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re implementing ERP for the first time or … Read more

Visitor Management System: Definition, Use Case, Benefits for Companies

visitor management system

Visitor Management is the process of organising, recording, and supervising the visits of people to a particular location, such as an office, building, or institution. The goal of visitor management is to improve safety, efficiency, and visitor experience. With an effective visitor management system in place, companies can manage visits in a more structured and … Read more