Customer Record Management: Definition & Method for Beginners

Customer Record Management

Customer Record Management can help businesses manage information related to customer information using an integrated platform. According to business, customer information is very important in understanding customer needs and at the same time being able to build closer relationships. This means that with this customer record, there are many benefits, including automating the workflow system, … Read more

6 Benefits of Using E-Wallets for Business

E-Wallets for Business

Along with the times, people now rarely use physical money or cash in transactions. Instead, people prefer to make non-cash transactions, using e-wallet payments or known as electronic wallets. As a result, business owners inevitably have to follow people’s choices by preparing non-cash transaction methods, both for offline and online stores. Actually, what is an … Read more

Interested in Building a Coffee Shop Business? Follow these Tips

Coffee Shop Business

The coffee shop business has been mushrooming lately. This is due to the increasing number of people who like to get together and enjoy coffee with friends. Therefore, coffee shops can be a place where they chat with friends or family. For the businessman himself, this can be a fairly profitable arena for scavenging Dollars. … Read more