Complicated Payroll Management? ERP Software is the Solution

payroll management

Payroll management is often a special concern of companies because it requires accurate, detailed, and crucial data collection. Because it affects employee payroll and benefits, payroll management must be done quickly and precisely. On the other hand, ERP software is a tool that simplifies the work operations of a company. System integration and automation make … Read more

5 Role Important Activity Close Books For Company

Companies routinely close their books in certain accounting periods. This applies to service companies, trading companies, and manufacturing companies. Closing the book marks the end of a company’s financial reporting accounting period. Several companies close their books at the end of every month. However, what is certain is that companies are required to close their … Read more

Customer Record Management: Definition & Method for Beginners

Customer Record Management

Customer Record Management can help businesses manage information related to customer information using an integrated platform. According to business, customer information is very important in understanding customer needs and at the same time being able to build closer relationships. This means that with this customer record, there are many benefits, including automating the workflow system, … Read more

6 Benefits of Using E-Wallets for Business

E-Wallets for Business

Along with the times, people now rarely use physical money or cash in transactions. Instead, people prefer to make non-cash transactions, using e-wallet payments or known as electronic wallets. As a result, business owners inevitably have to follow people’s choices by preparing non-cash transaction methods, both for offline and online stores. Actually, what is an … Read more

What are the Benefits of ERP in the Beauty Industry?

ERP in the Beauty Industry

Companies in the beauty industry continue to experience development, both global and local companies. Beauty product orders have increased significantly over the past few years. With this development, there are also more and more things that are regulated in beauty companies, so they need the help of system integration. The use of ERP software is … Read more

5 Tips to Prevent Errors in ERP Systems

errors in ERP systems

ERP systems do require a lot of money and a long working time to be fully implemented. However, the results will benefit the company in many ways. A successful ERP implementation can also streamline workflows and reduce costs. Therefore, overcoming problems to minimise potential problems must be well understood. Some tips are as follows. Thoroughly … Read more

5 Tips for Building an Effective ERP Implementation Team

ERP Implementation

ERP system adaptation provides a set of business process tools in one database for everyone across your organization. As well as eliminating many paper-based processes. ERP systems affect so many aspects of the business that their implementation can be a large and time-consuming project. Because it requires careful preparation, the ERP implementation team is also … Read more

ERP Retail Software: 5 Tips to Choose the Right One for Your Business

ERP Retail Software

ERP Retail Software: A retailer must be forward-thinking and smart in running their business to grow quickly. However, choosing retail software should not be arbitrary, it must fit the needs and can facilitate all business process activities of the company. ERP for the Retail Industry Know first what your company needs, consult with experts, do … Read more

5 Tips for Implementing ERP in Logistics Companies

ERP in Logistics

The benefits of implementing an ERP system in a logistics company are significant. This system is proven to reduce 60-80% of human resource costs. ERP is also reported to be very helpful for logistics companies’ business processes in the transport, counting, sorting, and distribution sectors. Tips for Implementing an ERP System in a Logistics Company … Read more